Victoria Mill Arabica Blend Whole Bean Coffee by Worker Bee

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Victoria Mill Arabica Blend Whole Bean Coffee 

Completed in 1869, a cotton spinning mill comprising of two six storey symmetrical mills separated by a shared engine house. Built for textile manufacturer William Holland who relocated from his Adelphi Mill, in Salford.

Flavour Profile:
A blend of Brazilian, Central American and Indonesian beans to give a versatile and balanced profile. Sweetness with a mellow acidity provide interest complimented by a rich, smooth and complex body.

Weight: 500g (whole bean)


A blend of Arabica Beans from around the coffee growing belt expertly blended and crafted to provide a premium, well balanced coffee.

Brazil – A naturally processed Bourbon Arabica coffee grown at altitude in the Mogiana Valley with its warm sun and rich volcanic soil bursting with full-bodied richness, low acidity and smooth chocolate finish.

Latin American – Fully washed and selectively hand picked so only the ripest, red cherries are harvested, these Arabica coffee beans from Central America have a mellow acidity, pecan nut flavour and a rich maltiness to them which helps bind the coffee blend together.

Indonesia – Grown at altitude in the Gayo highlands of Aceh at the very northern tip of the island of Sumatra, these bold, wet-hulled Arabica coffees carry a distinct dark chocolate flavour married with a hint of spice and herb. The Sumatra coffee adds plenty of body and depth to the blend overall much like a fine red wine.

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Worked Bee are kindly donating 20% of this sale to Forever Manchester 

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