Exclusive: Corn Exchange Prints

Bring a piece of the Corn Exchange home, with these beautiful limited edition prints by Alexandra Gallagher.

Exclusive to the Forever Manchester Shop!

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This Is The Place Print

A new print of the poem 'This Is The Place' by Tony Walsh is now available, made up of a Greater Manchester constellation and its boroughs written in the stars, created by Manchester designer, Trevor Johnson.

‘This Is the Place’, a poem commissioned by Forever Manchester, has become synonymous with the city of Manchester and the resilience of its people, and has been used on artworks, buildings and merchandise ever since.

This Is The Place

New Artist: The Sense of Doubt

New to the Forever Manchester shop, 'The Sense of Doubt' is a one-man print and research studio run by Alejandro De Luna.

These informative prints perfectly encapsulate Manchester's heritage over the years. Filled with carefully researched facts, dates and names, these prints are perfect for any hard-core history fans.

The Sense of Doubt

Introducing: Manchester Candle Makers

Handmade in the village of Mossley, each candle and wax melt are vegan lifestyle friendly and made using 100% soy wax.

The premium fragrances mean that your home will be filled with the rich aromas of Manchester Candle Makers candles whilst you enjoy a long clean burn time.

Manchester Candle Makers

About Forever Manchester

Forever Manchester is the only charity that raises money to fund and support community activity across Greater Manchester. We help local people do extraordinary things together.