Key Manchester Records From Punk To R'n'R Stardom Print by The Sense of Doubt

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Key Manchester Records From Punk To R'n'R Stardom Print 

The Manchester music print, created and signed by Alejandro De Luna, chronologically compiles 72 important Manchester records from Buzzcocks' legendary 'Spiral Scratch' EP, 1977 (the first independent British punk record) to Oasis' rise of superstardom in the 90s.

The colours of the rings are based on the original artwork colour scheme per record. The print includes records by groups and artists such as Buzzcocks, Magazine, Joy Division, The Fall, New Order, 808 State, The Stone Roses, A Certain Ratio, A Guy Called Gerald, The Durutti Column, The Smiths, The Chameleons, James, Oasis and much more.

The artwork also includes the release date and record label per record, Factory Records connections and production and artwork credits by Martin Hannett and Peter Saville respectively

Available in A2 or A1. Please note this item is unframed.

Postage and Packaging included. Please allow 15 working days for delivery

Alejandro De Luna (The Sense of Doubt) is kindly donating 35% of the sale price of this print to Forever Manchester.

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